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Divorced online is Australia’s premium service to provides easy online divorce solutions across Australia.

Services available across all Australian states, where we assist you to attain the dissolution of your marriage without any difficulty or hassle by providing an easy online platform to complete the required divorce forms to ensure your divorce is finalized successfully.

We develop excellent relationships with all our client’s and ensure that your divorce is completed to the highest standard.

No Lawyers Needed

Most solicitors charge between $500 – $1300 in legal fees to complete your divorce. At Divorced Online you only have to pay a fraction of the costs of hiring your own legal representation.

Quick Online Process

Our team issues completed divorce documents in no greater than 48 hours, after the application has been correctly filled by you on our website. No lengthy waiting period or late delivery schedules.

Customized Services

We provide customized services, curated only for you. All documents are customised according to your individual requirements that include specifications of your state, children, income and so-forth.

Why Associate With Us?

Our Umbrella of Services

Huge Savings

Save on the hefty legal fees and finalise your divorce application for a fraction of the cost.

Accurate & Efficient

We will ensure that all Divorce Applications are completed to the highest professional standard with the highest standard of accuracy.

Short Delivery period

All completed and filed divorce applications will be returned to you within 48 hours. If there is a delay beyond the 48 hour guarantee, you will be notified immediately via email.

What you need to do?

  1. Fill online Application
  • The first step to obtaining your quick divorce online is to answer all the questions correctly in the Application. It includes basic information about yourself, address, marriage details and children (if any). We review and analyse your details and arrange the forms and documents required for further processing of your application.
  1. Sign & Print Legal Forms
  • After receiving the payment of [insert payment] from you, we send you all the completed documents and forms that are filled by our professional team along with the instructions to you. All you need to do is simply print those documents, verify and sign them accordingly.

Why Should you trust, Divorced Online?

elationship breakdowns can be emotionally debilitating and can create upheaval in you and your children’s lives. This is where divorced online will assist you in making the process as easy as possible. There is no need for you to spend large amounts of money on solicitors and waste your time with the court process. We make it easy, quick and efficient so you can free up your time for the important moments of your life.
All the legal forms provided by Divorced Online are approved by the Family Court and state laws.

What is divorce?

Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage. Australia has adopted a no fault system, the only requirement for a divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This is supported by the husband and wife having been separated for 12 months with no likelihood of getting back together.

To apply for a divorce, you or your husband or wife must have been separated for twelve (12) months and fit one of the following:

  1. Being an Australian citizen;
  2. Live in Australia and;
  3. Regard Australia as your permanent home.

Children and Property:

A divorce does not address issues relating to the children or property. These arrangements must be made separately. If you require a solicitor to assist you with children and/or property, you can contact Harper James Law Group on [02] 9709 6415.

When hearing your application, the court must be satisfied that proper arrangements must be made for the care and welfare of your children. The court will:

  1. Want to know where the children are living and how they are spending time with both parents;
  2. How they are financially supported i.e. agreed child support and what is actually being paid;
  3. Information about their health and education.

The  court can reject a divorce application if it is not satisfied that proper arrangements had been made for the children.

Property Settlement:

Property settlement is the most complicated part of the divorce process. You can apply for property settlement orders anytime after your separation but it must be done within twelve 12 months since the date of your formal divorce.

How long will it take?

After filling the application you will be required to wait 4-6 weeks for a hearing time. Your divorce is then finalised a month after the hearing. However if you are completing a sole application service timeframes also apply (from 28 to 42 days). The process and therefore take approximately three to four months. This is provide there are no problems locating your spouse.


Divorce is a national process. It is the same for all states and terrorterries (NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, ACT, WA & NT). You can use our service of divorced online no matter where you live in Australia.

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